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Update #2: Now, with sound!

Hello, hello, and welcome back to my site! Or, if this is your first time, welcome to my site! I hope you've been enjoying the posts as of late! I'm sorry there hasn't been as many silly posts, but after Spooky Month, I'll be mixing up the themes a lot more. Oh, and I'll also be adding a little something that I think has been sorely missing from the site...


I've been working on some ideas for more radio-play-esq posts that wouldn't be read alongs so much as sound bites for you to enjoy! Don't know what I mean? How about an example! Give this a listen:

If you ever listened to my old podcast, Promptly Written, you might have enjoyed that bit juuust a little more than everyone else. If you're brand new to this and have no idea what those folks were talking about, it's all good!

The whole point is that Audio Book style posts are going to start coming along, and with those, continuous stories! Sound files will be set up like chapters of stories and throughout the months, each with interlock, so you've gotta listen along to get the whole picture! 

Now I can't say I've got everything mapped out for those posts, that'd be crazy. As far as what I'm looking at, each month will probably get two sound based posts, anywhere from 30 minutes and up. The storyline will continue for a few episode, I'm thinking 4-6, then conclude, and switch to a new story! 

I'm really excited to get back into doing audio based stuff, and I hope you're excited to hear what I've got coming! For those who have burning questions about old characters, don't worry, they're all coming back! For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, don't worry! I'm starting fresh. No one will be left behind, scratching their heads. 

So with that, I just want to say thanks for coming to the site and checking out what I've got! I'm really pumped to start pushing out more content, and I hope you'll enjoy what I;ve got in store! 



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