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Night Terrors


Your spectral form appears from the void,

A veiled air of terror that only appears in the darkest of night,

Creeping up on my sleep seeking mind,

Snapping me to a reality that I had once thought gone,

But am now horrified to find still lives.

Shuffling, shambling, the zombie of memory and speculation,

Risen to hunt and devour my shaky grip on happiness.

I scream internally, incapable of taking action,

Unable to fight my own thoughts.

Anger boils low in my gut, raging against the fear gripping my heart,

The visions fade with the resounding proclamation that,

I have dealt with the demons you left me with,

They are dead, forgotten and left behind.

But night after night they return.

I'm a gravedigger who dug this grave too shallow,

And the festering corpse of what once was everything I held dear,

Breaks through the thin soil of time passed

And searches with wretched purpose for me,

To torment, torture, and tear,

Breaking the elation of the day, and dropping a weight of

Banished memories on my fragile psyche.


They are the worst of the phantoms that continue to assault me.

Smiles that were once mine break my heart as sure as they now fill another with joy. 

The Immortal Wars