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The Leaf People

Deep in the woods,

Past the cavernous mines,

People do gather, with eyes to the skies.


Tall and proud,

Brittle by nature,

A new race did rise, with the temperature


The Leaf People,

Denizens of the trees,

With blood thick as sap, and skin made of leaves.


Rose from earth,

With magic, came to life,

The sunlight their mother, the warm wind their wife,


Stayed hidden away,

Masked by the forest,

Until they were met, by a kindly young florist.


She saw them, and marveled,

How they grew from the stem

She nourished them,   coddled them like the most precious gem.


They loved her, revered her,

And made her their Queen,

Lord of the Leaves, Master of the Green,


They asked her of others,

The world out beyond,

And she told them of humans, and the horrors they’d spawned.


Scared, they hid,

Deeper into their domain,

Until the Queen decreed that they had much to gain,


They would form ranks, and weapons,

Could be crafted and forged,

And the Leaf people toiled, on war thoughts they gorged,


Until preparations were made,

And the army was trained,

The forest would not be the place they were chained,


Cities and towns,

Men, women, and kids,

Were wiped out en mass, taken out grid by grid,



They swept from the East,

They attacked from the West,

The sun gave them power, and onward they pressed,


The Humans fell fast,

Unable to fight,

Against the armies who reformed under moonlight.


They could not be killed,

Though they tried to use fire,

The Leaves rose from the ashes, and grew from the briars,


They grew with magic,

Faster than weeds,

Spread through the sewers, spreading their seeds,


Then at last,

The Sun broke,

And a new world was born,

The Leaf People had won, with thistles and thorns


The world was vacant.


The world was cleaned.


The Queen stood tall.


The People all screamed,


“The Forests shall spread,

The Earth is all ours,

The Humans have crumbled,

Replaced now by flowers.”


But the Queen, she was sad,

For she could not live long,

She was still human,

And her lifespan not strong,

But her people did manage,

Through magic and song,

To make her immortal,

So she could rule on,

Over the World they had conquered together,

And with powerful spells, banished all the cold weather,

To make paradise last, now and forever…

The Leaf People lived on, with their Queen Florist, Heather. 

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