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The Hunt

The final piece of the epic known as The God Breakers


On the darkest day late of Autumn,

A mighty being did fall.

On a sunless day on the verge of winter,

The Last of the Gods did fall.

Men with spears and men with bows did gather great in number,

To sharpen wood and chisel stone and tear the world asunder.

Deep within the Hollowed Woods and past the water basin,

A great God did roam the plains, the last sentry at her station.

The men had grown bold, brazen, and arrogant in their resolve,

To strike the gods from off the Earth, and as a race evolve.

The power had shifted from God to man changing the delicate balance,

Gods were hunted, found and killed by heathens full of malice.

The soldiers moved with silent purpose, hunger in their eyes,

They marched to slay the last great god, beneath the darkened skies.

The Final God was fast asleep, deep inside a cave.

The men circled, weapons drawn, to make a godly grave.

The Golden Bear awoke at once, startled, wroth, and hungry,

Men are small and fragile things, a crunchy, mortal honey.

The would-be crypt erupted with a great and awful clamor,

Claw and tooth met sharpened steel, arrows, spears and hammers.

Though many men did fall beneath her cosmos tearing paws,

The living formed together, united in dark cause. 

With thrusts of steel, and twangs of string, God blood began to run, 

And as the final god fell dead, so too did the sun.

The Gods were all defeated, much to mans delight,

But instead of peace and harmony, they issued in the Endless Night. 


Continued in The Endless Night


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