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Tinker, Tinker

In a quiet small town called Sazzermelate,

There lived a young woman, a woman named Kate.

She loved to build, to craft and create,

But the others in town, they didn't relate.

They threw verbal stones, in an attempt to berate,

To try and remove the young woman named Kate.


But Kate was thick skinned, and didn't back down.

She paraded her work all over the town,

Refusing to break, to be the town clown,

She showed off her skills like the jewels of a crown,

And paraded her robots all over the town.


Some people ran, and some people fled,

You see, Kate's robots filled the townsfolk with dread,

If they caught you mocking their maker, you'd quick lose your head,

Kate's robots were known to turn critics up dead,

And so people fled, rather than be snatched from their beds.


Kate smiled contently as she walked in the sun,

She wanted her robots known to each and every one

of the people who balked and laughed and made fun,

So she created an army, of robots by the ton,

To show everyone, her robots were fun!


As the robots marched and crushed all resistance

Kate thought she saw something, off in the distance

The shining future of a peaceful coexistence

Ushered in with an army's robotic assistance,

Robotic harmony could be achieved with persistence!


So Kate destroyed her home town and all who lived there,

While the flames of destruction danced in her hair,

She rode off with her army without a care,

And with the smell of robotic rebellion fresh in the air,

She sought out to crush anyone who would dare,


Anyone who would dare to stand in the way of her cold metallic fate,

So said The Queen of the Robots, the woman named Kate.

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