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Ghosts and ghouls, undead shades, and demons in the night

All gather, circle round the mind with twisted dark delight.

With crushing dread they grab your lungs, and suffocate your breaths,

But never will it let you die, not pass you off to death.

Instead a mental torture will become your nightly prison,

To bring forth your many weaknesses; your new monster has arisen.

Blood rains like water, ruby red bombshells collapse mental walls,

Running, fleeing through a burning, flaming fire filled hall,

You stand deserted and alone weighed down by the fact,

That everyone is gone be-cause of the strength you lacked,

To stand against the changes that were crashing down like waves,

Downing in the ocean of uncertain; the water now your grave

Brings the hollow wind of loneliness to howl deep inside your soul,

Forgotten you shiver in the empty hallows, forever left to be un-whole,

Uncertainties and fickle flaws surround and penetrate,

And in your sleepless, tired mind they bound and detonate,

Leaving you to shiver, in your bed, alone, and desolate,

Awaiting for the sun to rise and allow your heart to celebrate 

Soprano Morto

Plague's Rats