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Mudmen, Mudmen,

Here they come, 

Mudmen, Mudmen, 

But where from?

      Taken from the journal of Dr. Attencast Brundlecup, who went missing and is presumed, hopefully, dead.

October 8th, 1967

      The tale of the Mudmen is not a long one. Years ago when I was visiting a small fishing village in the Mohave Desert, I came across a medicine woman. She asked me if I was one of the Mudmen. I said I wasn't, had never been, and had no intention of getting that filthy.  She laughed and told me all strangers became Mudmen. At that point, I was thoroughly spooked, and noticed that there seemed to be no one else in the town-- It had become deserted! 

October 9th, 1967

      I've been back to the town and found no one. I'm beginning to wonder if this has all been an elaborate ruse to try and steal my gasoline and hub caps while I'm away from my RV. You can never be too careful this far out. Resources are scarce, why even a windshield wiper can

      Funny, I thought I heard a noise outside. Oh well! Tomorrow I plan to explore the ill fated, "Mudvayne Caverns." A dreadful name. I should only imagine the band is worse, but by tomorrow evening I shall have my answer. 

October 10th, 1967

      Yes, the band is worse, but the caves were still terrible and full of bat poo. 

October 11th, 19

             Well, in a shocking turn of events, I have both discovered and run from the Mudmen. Surprisingly, they are terrifyingly real humanoid creatures that dwell deep within the cave. Yes, I went back to the poo cave. I don't know why. Research, I suppose. Unsurprisingly, they are made of mud and resemble men. They chased me from the cave and have followed me to my RV. They do not seem outwardly aggressive, but do emit a low hum that I can only describe as disturbing. They have circled my RV and have not moved in several hours. I fear for my life only slightly, as I am not too sure what mud creatures could do to really hurt me, short of dirty up my good clothes. If they continue to stand once morning has come, I'm afraid I'll need to go out there and give them a stern talking to. It is one thing to chase a researcher from your home in an attempt to protect your kin, it is another to inconvenience that man by surrounding his mobile home and keep him from getting to Denny's for breakfast. 


      It was a Denny's manager that first reported the man missing, though the police did note a cheery tone to his voice when he called in. No charges were placed, and the investigation only lasted 67 minutes. Dr. Attencast Brundlecup was never heard from again, much to his wife's eternal joy. 

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