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Meat Shop



HOWARD PHINGER stands outside of the Slabs of Meat meat shop. Howard looks open mouthed at the selections of meat hanging in the window of the closed shop.

The only lights left on in the shop are illuminating the suspended meat. Howard feels his stomach rumble. He is hungry.

Movement can be seen behind the darkened counter. Howard squints to see through the darkened shop.

One of the rooms in the back lights up, revealing MR. LOMBARDI, the owner. He is not wearing a shirt.

Howard keeps watching as Mr. Lombardi leaves the light, then re-enters with sausage links in his hands.

Howard presses his face against the glass, unable to leave.

Mr. Lombardi lays the links on a chair, then lights candles around the room, killing the bulb overhead.

Mr. Lombardi walks out of sight, and we hear BARRY WHITE playing in the background, muffled through the walls and glass.

Mr. Lombardi walks back into the candlelight, and picks up the links. He dances in slow circles, staring lovingly at the cold meat in his hands.

Mr. Lombardi leans in and begins kissing the links tenderly, still dancing in slow circles.

A loud bang sounds behind Howard, causing him to turn and see a cat running away from a tipped over trash can.

Howard turns back to the shop window to see Mr. Lombardi staring at him, mouth agape, limp sausage links in his hands.

Mr. Lombardi slams the door to the back room shut. Howard takes a few steps back and looks at the meat in the window, a look of disgust on his face.




Written in 2012

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