Hello there!

Welcome to The Dream Archive. I write all kinds of things and catalog them here. I hope you enjoy.

Random Poem

Zebra Stripes and Dandelions,

Picture Frames, Enviro-Science,

A Pickett Fence, A Heelless Shoe,

Some Homeless Guy Who Smiles at You,

Blank Paper, Picture Frames,

Bottles, Cans, and Baseball Games.

Cactus Spines and Leather Books,

A Young Girl Cashiers Dirty Looks,

Cell Phones, Cameras, Pots and Pans,

Dishwasher Soap and Dirty Hands,

Pickle Juice, Corroded Pipes,

A Tissue Box and Baby Wipes,

Criss-Crossed Wires, Bottled Water,

Lawnmower, Electric Auger,

New Sheds, Glasses, Turtle Wax,

The Teller at the Bank Named Max,

Fur Coats, Flippers, Jimmy Dean,

Dusters, Lox and Mr. Clean,

Racecars, Ninjas, Pirate Swords,

Screen Actors Guild Awards,

Computer Security, Purple Pants,

A Soda Can That's Full of Ants,

Frogs, Watches, Railroad Spikes,

What the Fuck Did I Just Write?

The Last Straw

Ivan Tire