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Birthday 27

      I like to take my birthdays as a time to self reflect. I find it's a better time for me than the beginning of the new year to look at myself, see how I've changed in the last 365 days, and sigh deeply at my persistent lack of physical self care. Another year, far too many calories left unchecked.

      I'd say this last year has been quite a good one, at least personally. There were a few downs, as there always are, but the ups seem to have won out. What follows will be a curtailed list of mostly highs, mixed with some lows that I feel have balanced out. 

  • I may not be in the best shape of my life, but I didn't let myself completely succumb to girl scout cookies and pizza flavored Goldfish. Not again. 
  • I've been in a healthy relationship for the better part of a year (will be a full year next month), and couldn't be happier in it. 
  • I took a good long look at my writings, and managed to get over the awful slump I found myself in. 
  • I traveled to a few cities I've never been to for work, and had a blast doing it. It's nice to have a job that I both enjoy, is challenging (in good ways!), and allows me some amount of travel.
  • Had hibachi, that was nice. 
  • Bought and paid for a car, no mean feat. 
  • Started reading again. Slowly, but surely. 
  • Elder Scrolls VI was announced. Maybe I had nothing to do with it personally, but it sure felt like a win, so it's on the list. 
  • Cut back from 2 jobs to just one, and have been much happier because of it. 
  • Saw a horror movie in theaters (accidentally) and didn't yell the entire time. (I am not a fan of horror movies)
  • Returned to short hair after growing out my locks for a full two years. I've come to accept that I prefer shorter hair, but I'm happy that I tried it out. 
  • Bought a denim jacket, really proud of that one. 
  • Started to find my sense of fashion, which might sound silly, but it's been exciting to dive deeper into the styles of clothes I enjoy seeing myself in. I'd also not bought myself new clothes sine the beginning of college, so this is long overdue. 
  • Started using Spotify, which sounds silly, but I'm terrible at discovering new music, and it's been immensely helpful in letting me get out of the habit of listening to the same album for six months on end until I hate it. 
  • Reconnected with some friends, and tried to be a better friend to others. It can be hard to keep in touch with people, even those who live in the same city, when you're always busy. But simply sending a text from time to time, or scheduling a lunch or a hang out feels much better than saying, "I'll call them later," for the better part of a year. 
  • Bought myself a new TV. Last time I did that it was 2009. 
  • I started looking more to the future this year, in many ways. Planning out meals, looking at places to live months and months before a lease ending is even a worry, and personal projects have been much more rewarding to do when I take the time to plan them, rather than doing them in the heat of the moment. 

      I'm sure if I sat long enough I could keep the list going on and on, but suffice to say, I've enjoyed the last year of my life. I'm happier, less stressed, and having a great time. Hopefully, I can look back on this post in a year, and have even more positive things to say, but I could also read this list in a year with robot eyes, maybe I've become a robot. Maybe. Who can say what the future holds? 

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