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Tom Hanks

A thought, a chill, a vacant room,

Choppy waters in the mind,

They crash, swirl, and solidify,

You know you’ve been defined,

As the outcast, cast aside,

Left behind, the fear takes hold,

When you think no one’s listening,

Would it matter who you told?

Isolation lingers,

It forms a cage without a key,

Grips with icy fingers,

“Have they moved on without me?”

Self Blame, The Warden, watches,

It jabs, it sneers, guffaws,

You’re left with bitter wonderings,

What their final straw was.

Each minute seems an hour,

When a message goes unanswered,

Another dagger in your side,

At the loss of friendly banter.

The greatest lie of all,

Is claiming you remain unharmed,

Cold fire burning in your gut,

Heart pounding in alarm.

“Will I be left alone?

Drifting ever apart at sea?

Why am I so lonely,

What is wrong with me?”

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