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Beyond Your Eyes

The gentle breathing that comes with the relaxation of laying down,

The soft glow of late night lights casting shadows through the window shades,

You sigh, content and ready to rest,

But in the dark that clings to the corners of your room lies the question,

What's beyond the sleep?

As the ebony seems to deepen around you, you can't help but wonder,

What if I slept forever?

When you drift off into a fitful dream, 

Will it continue?

A swirl of colors and familiar faces, 

Mixing and mingling in an incomprehensible pattern,

A hypnotic trance that inevitably ends with a slow awakening,

But what if it didn't come?

What lies beyond the dream,

Past the shapes of memories and into the after,

The endless starscape that resides on the edge of our nightly visions,

Will you awake?

Awaken to the welcome of whatever is next,

Or do the dreams go on,

An ever expanding universe of the unknown playing out before your eyes,

Will you watch? 

Will you be able to see, hear, and touch the ethereal? 

With open eyes, you forget. 

The morning comes again,

And you hurry off to your day, busy yourself with life,

Until your bed calls you back,

And you wonder anew,

Will tomorrow come?

Roll The Windows Down

Partly Cloudy