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Move to Move, Beat to Beat


Jazz-like, your steps are an erratic rhythm,

Thumping out of time to the steady beat of your heart,

Your breaths a rapid back and forth,

Adding to the melody



The cacophony seizes, unable to come to a halt,

A haphazard din of instruments, struggling to keep up

The band plays on, slowing down as best they can,

Despite the conductors wishes



The true music begins to play,

Filling your head to the brim with melodies,

A new song plays while the old band sways,

Bringing a calmer motion



The rhythm is in you, flowing free through your veins,

Twisting your hips, tapping your toes,

The soft undulations of a body entranced,

Each limb becomes a new instrument



Fingers strum the bass lines softly,

Feet drumming what the sticks are playing,

You contort and shift ever so slightly,

Your body an orchestra, mimicking in time and pace

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