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Stronger Forces

Like a coaxing dream,

It plays with the imagination,

And alludes to something greater.

Like an elusive shadow,

It dances at the corners of meandering eyes.

When you realize that its hit you,

It’s like a starburst in your mind.

Suddenly, the world is brighter,

The most abysmal night is now a silver paradise.

It binds us together,

Supposedly forever.

With this sacred sorcery,

Senses are enhanced.

Flowers have the sweetest smells,

Birds sing the sweetest songs,

Scenery dazzles the eyes.

Through this ancient door,

Emotions become intensified, good and bad.        

While happiness becomes bliss,

Anger becomes hate.              

For ups and downs, there are aplenty.

When at its peak,       

Even the fiercest tyrant would weep with joy.

But at the same time,

Losing such a rarity could tear one asunder.

Blind? It may be,

But one must remember to cast aside eyesight,

And look with the heart.

Tinker, Tinker

Death Travels With You