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Alliterative Hell

Alluring anecdotes allude above asking about

Below. Bedrock boils, but basking beneath?

Countless creatures; clawing, craving, creeping, crawling

Damned demons dreading daylight devour darkness

Everlasting, enduring, evermore effecting eruptions

Flames fly, flow freely, fueling fury, foul

Golems; grief, gluttony, greed, glowering grimaced glances

However, hiding, howling horrifyingly, hallowed hearts hoping

Inconsolable, inconceivable, incidentally, I irrevocably insist

Jabbering jaws justly jailed, jeering jargon jambled,

Killers: Kings, klans, Kubla Khan, Kremlin,

Lusty louts looking, leering, loathing lost lovers like locusts,

Many mask mania, madness marking maimed minds,

Nightmarish nasties, nefarious ne'er-do-wells,

Oh! Ogres of oblivion

Passing pain, pushing problems, pestering people, Persistent

quagmires, quandaries, quarrels quickly quadruple,

Rage readily rising, rousing rampant rebellions rapidly,

Storms spring suddenly, shaking sanity, startling senses

Tearing trees, tossing trucks, terrible tormentors

underneath uttering unspeakable urges,

Vile vagrants, vivaciously vying

with weak wills.


yammering yearns for

a zombifying zoomorphic zenith.

The Hunt

Tinker, Tinker