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Wonderful Wonderings

The world sleeps, and I wonder, do you?

Do you dream the same dreams that you once confided in me,

Or have it changed, as you did?

Do you still dream?

Or have your nights come and gone without feeling?

Do you lay in bed at night,

Gazing at the ceiling and imagining stars,

Wondering if your dreams have shifted as your life has,

Or merely fell to the wayside,

As I did?

Do you sleep fitfully, as we once did together?

Or does your new bed-mate snore on as you battle insomnia?

I wonder, my dear, have your decisions left you haunted?

Do you toss and turn in the darkness,

Reliving every decision that led you there,

Speculating at which one led you to reach out for your phone,

Sending a sad message straight to me, 

Begging for forgiveness,

I wonder,

As my phone softly buzzes from the opposite side of the room,

As I drift off to dream in the comfort of my bed,

Oblivious to your plea,

I wonder about you,

And how lucky I am to be rid of you.

Do you sleep fitfully, my dear?

I do.

The Swell and Drag of Tides

Move to Move, Beat to Beat