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Memories of Her

Her eyes were like the stars:

      Tiny white hot balls of fire, 

      Surrounded by the vast cold vacuum of space

Her hair was like a summer day:

      Moist with humidity,

      Bleached white like bone in the desert sun.

Her skin was like a tropical beach:

      Dry, dirty, touched by a immeasurable amount of people, 

      And possibly harboring small clusters of crustaceans. 

Her demeanor was that of a monarch:

      Erratic, often harsh, and sociopathic, 

      Much like one of the crazier nobles who contracted syphilis and stayed alive too long after.

I'll remember her as I remember my childhood: 

      With large gaps missing, 

      Often plagued by memories of feverish tantrums over trivialities,

      And an oppressive older figure looking down on me and delighting in telling me, "No."

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