The official art for Promptly Written, as created by  Emily

The official art for Promptly Written, as created by Emily

Promptly Written

      On a summery day in New Hampshire back in 2014, an idea formed between Connor MacDonald and Kevin Matthews. The idea was to take a pastime of theirs and turn it into something more. The pastime consisted of giving each other a crazy idea, a prompt, or some constraint, such as a series of haiku or a short story, and then sitting down and writing it. Usually this ended in the two swapping what they'd written and reading them aloud for each other.

      This was the framework that would lead to Promptly Written.

      Over the next couple of years, they would go on to make 79 episodes of the podcast creating recurring stories and characters, comedic interludes, and foster a small community of listeners who were not only active and vocal about submitting prompts for use in episodes, but also helped contribute to hosting fees, and, through Patreon, raised enough money to allow the two to get better record equipment and upgrade the overall quality of the podcast. There were even extra episodes made specifically for Patrons that offered deeper insight into creative processes, character development, and general thoughts behind the scenes of the podcast. Those extra bits will not be uploaded here, or anywhere, to keep them as they were intended: special for those who helped make the podcast what it was.

      The podcast has finally been collected and uploaded at the behest of fans who requested that the podcast not be left to fade into non-existence. Here you will find all but one of the episodes collected for your listening pleasure. Please enjoy, and if you'd like to keep a spark of the dream alive, you can always submit a prompt for The Dream Archive over on the Contact page.

     Episode 17 is lost to time. It cannot be recovered, and will forever be the Lost Episode.