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The deadliest known to man

You crafted it right in front of me, 

Dosing me while I smiled and accepted,

Not knowing what was eating away 

   at me from inside.



Most think it silent, but it resonates.

It fills you to bursting before you realize

It's too late,

   you're too far gone,

And only one person has the antidote.


You had mine. 

But you withheld it,

      whether to watch me suffer,

            or out of fear,

      I don't know.

Some say you can have second thoughts

      the first time,

And perhaps you caught that plague. 



But I'll never know, 

            Will I?

You left while I was wheezing,

      reeling from the shock,

            starting to lose my vision.

And though I seem to have recovered over the years,

      I still feel the hurt you caused me,

            and I wonder if you meant what you did.

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