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Past The Gate

There was no light,

When the end came,

My sweet Queen.

There was a sound,

Small at first,

Then with force,

It stole the air,

And took my soul,

A dream I had,

To laugh and sing,

To dance in the rain,

Once the pain left.

My breath on Earth,

My form on the moon,

I could not land,


I watch from here now,

High and far,

I rose with a wish,

A long way from home,

Now with hope.

The night is close,

The day is done,

I see you lay your head down,


Do not fear the gate,

Walk through with grace,

You have the strength to make it,

To edge,

One side to the next.

The truth is here,

And with it,

A hush.

I’ll see you soon,

Where the past is thought,

A scent,

The rush of lost youth.

Close your eyes,

Shed your mind,

And find me.

I wait,

Ever still,

Your King.

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