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The First Secret

I sat all night in the temple courtyard

Listening to owls question the night.

The sun rose and asked if I had slept.

Older men shook their heads and left

While I stayed and counted coins.

Payment given for a job undone.

A wash of shame like rain poured

When I looked into your marble face.

They said the likeness was uncanny.

A letter from Father I regret I read

Crumpled in one hand. I think I’ll

Break my teeth if I don’t unclench.

I wish we could talk, no,

I wish you could talk.

I’d rather it was you than me.

Not enough gold, silver, or gems

To stop what I’ve begun.

Your grave proves that.

I say I’ll visit, I lie to myself,

They can’t know you’re here.

I can’t know, but I messed that up too.

The first secret I’ll keep is who you were, the second, where you’re buried.

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