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When the Void Screams Back

There is a fear,

When you scream into the never ending dark,

When your voice is thick with emotion, 

Releasing all your pent up feelings in a single long cry,

A fear,

That when you take your first breath, 

Ready to collect yourself and leave the blank space, 

To confront or avoid whatever brought you there,

There is a fear, 

That somewhere out beyond the dark, 

From the corners of periphery,

On the edge of reason and sense, 

Something will shout back. 

A fear, 

That within your own mind,

There is something waiting, hiding, watching,

Ready for your final barrier to fall, 

So that it may come.

There is a fear, 

That you are not alone with your thoughts,

That another mental voice may join your own, 

Screaming back at you from nowhere and everywhere, 


A fear, 

That you have been pouring every inch of yourself,

Off into a place of nothingness, 

Only to find that it is a shared space, 

And that the silence has ended.

There is a fear, 

That when the time comes, 

You will have to face this thing,

To meet it head on and see,

What horrors laid dormant within you. 

A fear,

That you will not be strong enough to overcome,

That what laid buried has grown in power, 

And when the challenge comes,

You will fall.

There is a fear. 

That one day when you recede into yourself, 

Ready to scream into the void,

That the void will scream back.

A fear,

That nothing buried stays there, 

And that everything that goes into the void,

Will come back. 

There is a fear. 

Codex 14:2 Ythmar's Mistake

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