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Codex 14:2 Ythmar's Mistake

      The Fall of Dirachniir, or as it is historically known, Ythmar's Mistake, was the moment that led to the ultimate collapse of the entire southern half of the Rillock Empire. The loss of their most decorated general was a critical blow to the already unstable Empire, and after only two more seasons, would bring about the Reformation, wherein the Empire's domains were divided into several smaller kingdoms, each run by a former military leader. 

      Ythmar's Mistake all stemmed from a basic miscommunication. The assassin had originally been hired to kill a dignitary at a ball General Dirachniir was set to host. The message was, of course, coded as to not be traced back to either Ythmar, nor whomever had hired him. Unfortunately, or rather fortunately for those who were not in favor of the Empire, the key to the coded message was outdated. After receiving the message and translating it incorrectly, Ythmar took to work setting up what would be the largest hit of his career. 

      Some claim that the assassin had not mistranslated the message at all, and had simply seen this is a chance to do something far more earthshaking with his grim work. Other's claim that the message had fully intended to list Dirachniir as the target. The truth of the matter is, sadly, lost to us. 

      Shortly after the assassination, Ythmar vanished from the small circles that he traveled in, and was never heard from again. In the ensuing chaos of the fall, and the Reformation soon thereafter, all hopes of tracking down the lone archer and discovering the truth were lost. 

      Whatever the case may be, it is an odd place for the greater world to be indebted to an assassin for such a dark deed. And whether or not the intention was for the General, or for one of his guests, historians shudder to think what the world would look like today if Ythmar's arrow had found another neck that fateful night. 


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