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Sadash's Prayer

A warrior’s prayer to the gods, uttered every night before bed over blade and shield in hopes that they would guide him, watch him, and should his time come, allow him to rest.


O Great Guard, Vigilant One, The Watcher,

Grant me your strength so that I may bear the burdens of arms and armor,

That I may shoulder the weights of war to protect those that cannot protect themselves.


O Lord on the Rack, the One Who Endures,

Grant me your everlasting compassion so that I may bear the pains of this world,

That my bones may break, my flesh may burn, and my body might crumble, so that others may be left unharmed.


O Lord of the Dead, the Judge of the Damned,

Grant me the peace that comes with death so that others may live,

That my soul will go on from this world into the fold of darkness, ready to rest if my battles are truly at an end.

Queen of Ravens,

O Meddler of Souls, Collector of Memories,

Grant me but a moment of your time that I may tell you a story,

That I may tell my tale to one who has heard a thousand thousand before and know that none were the same.

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